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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heated Mouse Pad Warms Hand - Thumbs Up!

The ValueRays Heated Mouse Pad gets a thumbs up!  

Just received a new hard surfaced mouse pad and must share some thoughts about the multi-functions of this great little computer gadget.  First, a small area on the mouse pad's surface is heated.  The heating fiber is made of carbon making the heat infrared.  Very nice on a chilly morning in a cold office and freezing cold desk top.  

Second, there are two USB cords for connecting the heated mouse pad to the computer.  One controls the heat function and the other creates two amazing functions:  a night light trim and a very handy 4-port USB panel.  

After using all the functions, the mouse pad works great.  Especially helpful are the extra USB ports for other items like the ValueRays Heated Mouse and ValueRays Heated Keyboard Pad.  Manufacturer offers Free Shipping.  

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