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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game FreakZ admires the Mouse Hand Warmer

We're trying to be modest here, but what the heck, why be shy. Game FreakZ featured the Mouse Hand Warmer on their site recently, and we were happy to see the cool comments about our warm invention.
Here's what Game FreakZ had to say about the 'one & only' Mouse Hand Warmer:

"Your looking at the picture thinking well where is it arn't you!? Well it is the thing next to the keyboard that looks like a note pad! The purpose is as it says really to keep your mouse and hand warm! I know how bizarre! Its like your going in for a sneaky snack on the sly or something! Joking aside it works like a warm blanket that is made from a polyester fleece type material, and is good for chilly days and air conditioned offices."

Thanks Game FreakZ..... We're sending some traffic back to 'ya!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get a Mouse Hand-Warmer Today!

by Nicole Benjamin

There are non-USB and USB mouse hand warmers that can be used either with or without a mouse pad. Its surface is not slippery and can be used as a regular mouse pad surface. Whenever a mouse pad is used, though, it can fit perfectly within the blanket pouch and with four additional USB ports on this heated mouse pad, there is the opportunity to warm several other USB gadgets, as well. Additionally, the heat that the heated mouse pad generates is insulated within the blanket pouch, producing nothing but a very soothing and warm space for your mouse hand to fit into.

The ideal solution for a cold mouse hand, really, is the fusion of three things: a warm mouse, a heated mouse pad, and a mouse hand warmer blanket pouch. If it is your computer keyboard hands that make you cold, they too, will respond quite nicely to warmth. Heated computer keyboard pads are also readily available on the online market, along with various other infrared heated computer gadgets. Simply go on Google and make a quick search. In no time, you will be enjoying a very warm and comfortable computer work space.

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