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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer in the news on Start Up Nation

Mouse Hand Warmer on Start Up Nation

As stated on Start Up Nation... specializes in warm computer gadgets for people who suffer with cold hands when they are using the computer. I suffer with cold hands. So, after 15 years of operating an ecommerce business with cold hands, I decided to address the cold mouse hand problem and invented the one & only Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket pouch.

The Mouse Hand Warmer® is made in America, and it's energy efficient. It uses no electricity and is made of a warm, soft fleece fabric to cover and keep your computer mouse hand warm. The Mouse Hand Warmer® was introduced to the market in October 2008. Because the Mouse Hand Warmer® was a novel idea, it received much press and support from the Technology Industry.

Here's the link to the Press Page -

A few months into the startup process we were approached by a writer who suggested I add multi-functionality to the Mouse Hand Warmer® by creating additional warming computer gadgets and making them available on the website. In January 2009, I launched "ValueRays®" heated computer gadgets. The ValueRays® products are currently being manufactured and will be made available online at by mid-March. Now, we promote the use of USB heated gadgets to use with the Mouse Hand Warmer® -- a heated computer mouse, a heated mouse pad and a heated keyboard wrist pad.

The heated mouse and heated mouse pad fit nicely inside the Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket, and it creates the perfect mouse hand environment. We call the Mouse Hand Warmer trio a Designer Mouse House!

In addition to selling products, we work closely with different non-profit groups who find our products useful. We fund raise for the American Cancer Society and network within the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). April is Occupational Therapy Month, and we are celebrating with AOTA to make OT known throughout the world.

We also maintain a good relationship with groups whose members suffer with cold hand symptoms: Raynaud's Association, Arthritis Association and Diabetes Association. We give free advertising to these groups and encourage our customers to join their public forums for help and support.

I found Start Up Nation while browsing Google, and I'm completing the application process with the thought of creating a partnership with you, and not necessarily to win a prize. Making the connection with you and becoming a part of your website is recognition enough.

Entering your site's competition near the end of the promotion is OK. We believe the information you are communicating on this site is valuable and helpful.

After many years in business, it's encouraging to know there's a place dedicated to the strong women who work hard to support the economy. My hat goes off to all women who own and operate a business. It's an honor to be a part of this group.

Anna Miller, President, Inc.

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