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Monday, March 30, 2009

Warm Technology on Twitter

Mouse Hand Warmer is on Twitter as Warm_Technology. Follow us on Twitter and get in on all the chats. Twitter is like blogging using two sentences. Quick posts and fast feedback. You can Twitter all day long. It's addictive. Integrate your Twitter account with Facebook and all your Twitters will appear on your page. It's fun, it's networking, it's getting in touch with the world.
Who's on Twitter? President Obama, Oprah, TIME, USA Today, Gavin Newsom.... and thousands more! Do it.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer energy efficient computer gadget uses no electricity

  • Earth Friendly
  • Uses No Electricity
  • No Cords to get Tangled
  • Made in USA

A new computer gadget and a nifty invention. The Mouse Hand Warmer® keeps your mouse hand covered by a warm blanket. Constructed of a warm polyester fleece blanket material with a non-slip surface. Fits standard mouse pads and any size computer mouse. Hand wash and air dry.

Instructions: Slip a standard sized mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer, or can be used alone without a mouse pad. If using a wireless mouse, the net front provides a clear optical connection. When using an USB connected mouse, slip the cord through a small slit opening made in the center front net. Easy to keep clean by hand washing with a mild detergent and air drying.

Made in the USA. Uses no electricity. No cords to get tangled on your desk!

The Mouse Hand Warmer® is an energy and cost efficient way to keep your mouse hand warm during chilly weather or whenever you feel your mouse hand getting cold. A drafty air-conditioned office makes for an uncomfortable exposed hand if you sit and work all day at the computer. During the winter, a draft or drop in temperature makes your mouse hand cold, too. Sometimes fingers get numb due to the cold air. Keep your mouse hand warm inside a cozy blanket.

The idea for a Mouse Hand Warmer® came about after spending many years working long, late hours sitting at a computer. When your mouse hand gets cold there's really nothing you can do to warm it except stop working or cover it with a warm blanket. That's why the Mouse Hand Warmer was created.

No wires or cords to get tangled on your desk top. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a contemporary, modern, techie-looking desk accessory in neutral colors of gray fleece with black and white trim. The pouch measures about 12" x 12" with a wide front opening to get your hand into and out of the Mouse Hand Warmer with ease. Fits any sized desk style mouse, from a standard small mouse to a large ergonomically shaped mouse.

Mouse Hand Warmer® is a registered trademark and patented product made in the USA by, Inc. For more information, for distribution or wholesale orders, please contact us by visiting

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

ValueRays Mouse Hand Warmer, Heated Mouse & Warm Mouse Pad solve Cold Mouse Hand Problems

The dynamic duo needs to take second place now that the three warming devices are in the market. The three mouse hand warmers include a fleece blanket pouch, a heated computer mouse and a warm mouse pad. This trio of warming gadgets creates the ultimate mouse hand environment. No more cold mouse hand. No more cold hands when working at the computer for endless hours.

The Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket pouch about 12x12 inches. It has a non slip surface and can be used with your favorite heated mouse and warm mouse pad. Slip your warm mouse and warm mouse pad inside the fleece blanket pouch, plug in the USB warming devices and in about 10 minutes you have a very warm, cozy, designer house for your mouse. The heat generated by the USB computer devices is insulated inside the fleece blanket cover. It's like crawling into bed under the covers of a warm electric blanket on a cold winter's night.

Does your mouse hand get cold? Do you suffer from arthritis, poor circulation, Raynaud's, or other ailments that make your hand cramp with cold? Try a warm computer mouse and mouse pad inside a mouse hand warmer pouch to relax musles and relieve cold hand tension. The USB heated devices are made with a carbon fiber. Carbon fibers produce infrared heat. Infrared heat is therapuetic because it penetrates deep through the skin's layers to muscle tissue.

Infrared heat also detoxifies the blood of toxins we pick up in the air and food. The infrared heat rays cleanse the blood stream by breaking down toxins. Infrared heat has been effectively used to rid the body of unwanted, harmful environmental toxins and inhibit bacterial growth from these toxic substances. Infrared heating devices and the healing effects of Infrared Heat Rays are becoming more widespread in the USA. Eastern cultures have been using Infrared Heat Rays healing techniques for centuries.

For more information about the trio of warming devices, visit the manufacturer's websites at and

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mouse based mannequin enhances virtual heart

Mouse Hand Warmer found this article very interesting and wanted to share it with our readers. The mouse is capable of performing all sorts of tricks at the hand of it's owner and author. We specialize in ValueRays® Heated Ergonomic Computer Accessories: Warm Mouse, Mouse Hand Warmer, Heated Mouse Pad and Heated Keyboard Pad. To read more about the ValueRays® products, please visit

Tom Shelley reports on an amazing and potentially life saving application of animated computer graphics for the medical market.

A mannequin based on computer mouse technology now augments a virtual reality heart in the training of medical staff in transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE), an ultrasonic scanning technique that uses a probe pushed down the oesophagus.

The virtual heart project arose from a chance meeting at a dinner party, which led three clinicians – Dr Bruce Martin, Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Sue Wright, all from University College London Hospitals – to contact London based computer graphics company Glassworks to create a virtual heart as a teaching aid. The aid would allow students of TOE to visualise clearly the relationship between 2D TOE images and the underlying 3D anatomy of the heart.

The latest enhancements to the technology were demonstrated and described by Glassworks’ ceo Hector Mcleod at Autodesk’s “3December” event in London. He explained the project came about because it is a ‘rare option’ for cardiac clinicians to learn their skills on live human patients because of concerns about litigation if things go wrong. So there was a real need to find a virtual reality substitute.

The virtual model was based on a scanned in Latex print of the left and right ventricles of a dead human heart. Autodesk Softimage XSI software was used to construct and animate the model, but a lot of the software used has been developed by, and is proprietary to, Glassworks.

McLeod said there were all kinds of problems to overcome. For example, when they started testing the simulated ultrasonic echo images against those produced using real patients, the development team had to ‘go back’ because the initial volume models did not match those of a living heart – the dead heart had partially collapsed.

There were many consultations with medical specialists during the course of the development and three members of the Glassworks team witnessed an open heart operation in order to obtain reference images and to experience of what a real beating heart looks like.

The result is a realistic representation of a beating heart with a time line so different parts of the pumping cycle can be studied. It also offers the ability to investigate the internals using a 3D CAD movable image plane technique. There are, in addition, 130 structures that can be associated with additional information, plus the ability to show how the 3D model matches simulated ultrasonic scans.

The latest enhancement is a full sized model human torso and simulated probe, made by model maker Asylum. In this, a probe can be inserted in the oesophagus and the resulting simulated scans compared with what the ultrasound is interacting with. The interaction is achieved by making the model probe interact with the model torso in a manner McLeod described as a ‘glorified mouse’.

Attendees at the presentation wanted to know whether there were any plans to enhance the model to simulate diseased hearts and other organs. Mcleod replied that various options were being looked at. He said: “The company is always looking for bespoke projects and this was the most major project we have ever done.”

The virtual heart is now the property of spinoff company Heartworks and a number of virtual hearts have been produced for teaching purposes at University College London hospitals. The first overseas order has recently been received from Harvard Medical School in Boston.


* Software usually used for modelling in games, entertainment and advertising has been employed in the building of a simulation of a realistic virtual heart simulation for medical training

* An interactive model human torso and ultrasound probe interact with the virtual model using computer mouse technology

Author Tom Shelley

Supporting Information:

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Neck Pain and Headaches Due to Long Use of Computers

Ergonomic Computer Work Aids - Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad & Heated Computer Keyboard at

Posted by Trevor Hook

Neck pain associated with computer use.

Quite often patients present with no hurtful neck pain (cervicalgia) that can be attributed to their computer usage. These patients may complain of frequent muscle spasms in the neck and midback, sharp cervical or thoracic pain, and or radiating pain down the arm. Quit often aditional symptoms will include shoulder, elbow or hand pain, numbness, or weakness. Neck pain can become weakening and cause extreme discomfort, a decrease in performnce and eventual arthritis.

In order to reduce neck pain it is important to identify the primary cause rather than just giving a diagnosis. Diagnosing neck pain without removing the irritant leads to future flare ups and degeneration. A preventative treatment plan must be incorporated with pain management otherwise symptomatic care is temporary.

Signs of neck pain due to computer use
• Pain in the neck
• Pain in the upper back
• Fatigue in Neck Muscles
• Muscles spasms in the Neck
• Pain,Tingling, Numbness down the arm
• Weakness of the Shoulder, arm or hand
• Headaches

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer: Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad Companion

Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch available on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or

For people who have cold hands when using the computer the Mouse Hand Warmer solves the problem. Cold computer hands make it difficult to use the computer mouse and the computer keyboard. And, from time-to-time, with cold hands, a person has to stop working to allow the frigid cold to leave. When poor blood circulation causes hands to become cold there's little to do except stop working, and most of the time that's not a option.

Using the computer with a cold mouse hand causes the fingers to become numb. Some attribute the cold mouse hand to sitting still too long in one position, others believe it's a medical condition causing cold hands. It's important to excercise the hands frequently to keep blood flowing, and for some people exercise is not enough. There are computer gadgets available to provide comfort, support, warmth and heat cost-effectively and energy-efficiently from the computer while you are using the computer.

A Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket designed to cover the computer mouse hand. It's like a blanket for the mouse hand. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece pouch to hold a warm mouse and heated mouse pad. The Mouse Hand Warmer is available with or without electricity.

The USB Mouse Hand Warmer works like an electric blanket for the hand. Plug the USB cord into an USB port located on the computer and within a few minutes the blanket portion of the Mouse Hand Warmer is warm. The heat generated by the carbon fiber heating element inside the blanket is an infrared heat. Infrared heat penetrates deeply through the skin's layers to the muscle tissue. Infrared heat dialates blood vessels and helps improve blood circulation. To read more about the healing effects of infrared heat, visit The earth-friendly Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch uses no electricity. It is made exactly like the USB model, but without electricity.

Both the USB and non-USB Mouse Hand Warmers can be used with or without a mouse pad. The non-slip surface of the Mouse Hand Warmer's base can function as a mouse pad surface. However, when a mouse pad is used, any standard sized mouse pad fits perfectly inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch. A ValueRays heated mouse pad fits perfectly inside the Mouse Hand Warmer pouch, and the extra four USB ports on the ValueRays heated mouse pad make it ideal to use for other USB warm gadgets. Plus, the heat generated by the heated mouse pad is insulated inside the blanket pouch creating a soothing warm space for the mouse hand.

Using your favorite computer mouse inside the Mouse Hand Warmer is a must! Just about any size computer mouse fits inside the roomy 12" x 12" Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch. A ValueRays warm mouse is the perfect companion to use inside the Mouse Hand Warmer pouch because the heat generated by the warm mouse inside the blanket is insulated creating a perfectly warm mouse hand environment.

The best solution for a cold mouse hand is the combination of the three mouse hand warmer products: Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, ValueRays warm mouse, and ValueRays heated mouse pad. There's no need to use the computer with a cold mouse hand ever again. These three items create the ultimate designer mouse house: Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, ValueRays Warm Mouse and ValueRays Heated Mouse Pad.

If cold computer keyboard hands become a problem, cold keyboard hands respond nicely to warmth, too. The ValueRays heated computer keyboard pad is available online with the other infrared heated computer gadgets at Enjoy free shipping and never pay sales tax when shopping at

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

A mouse hand click to vote for IGMproducts at Start Up Nation

A click of the mouse hand will take you to Start Up Nation's competiton. Cast your vote today!

Please click the above picture and vote for our start up company on Start Up Nation. Voting deadline is March 31, 2009. Thank you!

We specialize in Ergonomic Heated Computer Aids.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Arthritis Pain Management, Relief And Treatment

Specialists in providing warmth for arthritis pain.

from Discovery Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disabilities around the world in the elderly. It affects all areas of the body where joints are present causing arthritis foot pain; arthritis hand pain and arthritis back pain. The pain is due to the inflammation of the joints caused by various reasons including hereditary diseases, viral and bacterial diseases and autoimmune diseases.

The general symptoms of arthritis include swelling, redness, heat and pain. Since arthritis causes such great pain and discomfort to the sufferers, various ways of arthritis pain management has been devised.

Evaluating The Pain

Since arthritis affects everyone differently, it is important to be able to describe and evaluate your own pain before setting out to look for methods of arthritis pain management. Some important things to note are the location of the pains (all of them) then be specific as to how to describe the pain such as throbbing, tingling, dull, tight, tender, pinching and stabbing as well as being able to describe the severity of the pain from a scale of 0 to 10.

Next thing to note is when the pain occurs or when it is better or worse. Examples include daytime and night time and the probability of being able to detect the oncoming of pain. Finally, you may note certain activities you have stopped doing or certain activities caused by the pain. These details will help the doctor's understanding of your pain and hence give you a better arthritis pain management strategy.


In order to soothe the pain various medications may be prescribed and form part of the arthritis pain management plan. In general, these medications can be differentiated into 5 categories: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics for pain, corticosteroids, biological and non-biological disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. Some popular arthritis medication include acetaminophen which can be taken with codeine, morphine sulfate, methotrexate and folic acid, oxycodone and pregabalin.

Exercise And Healthy Living

Apart from medication to assist in your arthritis pain management plan, it is important to exercise the joints, eat a balanced diet and lead a balanced lifestyle. Popular exercised include swimming, yoga, Pilates and cycling. You may also employ methods of relaxation such as massages to ease the pain.

In terms of nutrition, one should try to maintain optimum body weight so many may go on diets. Psychology is also a major factor in arthritis patients' lifestyles many people may get depressed and may concentrate too much on the pain. Instead, you should try join social clubs, do various meditation exercises to help relax and take your mind off the condition, after all there is no use in brooding over the pain.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer in the news on Start Up Nation

Mouse Hand Warmer on Start Up Nation

As stated on Start Up Nation... specializes in warm computer gadgets for people who suffer with cold hands when they are using the computer. I suffer with cold hands. So, after 15 years of operating an ecommerce business with cold hands, I decided to address the cold mouse hand problem and invented the one & only Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket pouch.

The Mouse Hand Warmer® is made in America, and it's energy efficient. It uses no electricity and is made of a warm, soft fleece fabric to cover and keep your computer mouse hand warm. The Mouse Hand Warmer® was introduced to the market in October 2008. Because the Mouse Hand Warmer® was a novel idea, it received much press and support from the Technology Industry.

Here's the link to the Press Page -

A few months into the startup process we were approached by a writer who suggested I add multi-functionality to the Mouse Hand Warmer® by creating additional warming computer gadgets and making them available on the website. In January 2009, I launched "ValueRays®" heated computer gadgets. The ValueRays® products are currently being manufactured and will be made available online at by mid-March. Now, we promote the use of USB heated gadgets to use with the Mouse Hand Warmer® -- a heated computer mouse, a heated mouse pad and a heated keyboard wrist pad.

The heated mouse and heated mouse pad fit nicely inside the Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket, and it creates the perfect mouse hand environment. We call the Mouse Hand Warmer trio a Designer Mouse House!

In addition to selling products, we work closely with different non-profit groups who find our products useful. We fund raise for the American Cancer Society and network within the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). April is Occupational Therapy Month, and we are celebrating with AOTA to make OT known throughout the world.

We also maintain a good relationship with groups whose members suffer with cold hand symptoms: Raynaud's Association, Arthritis Association and Diabetes Association. We give free advertising to these groups and encourage our customers to join their public forums for help and support.

I found Start Up Nation while browsing Google, and I'm completing the application process with the thought of creating a partnership with you, and not necessarily to win a prize. Making the connection with you and becoming a part of your website is recognition enough.

Entering your site's competition near the end of the promotion is OK. We believe the information you are communicating on this site is valuable and helpful.

After many years in business, it's encouraging to know there's a place dedicated to the strong women who work hard to support the economy. My hat goes off to all women who own and operate a business. It's an honor to be a part of this group.

Anna Miller, President, Inc.

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