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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ways to get those cold computer hands warm

from Therapy Gloves
Prolotex™ Full Finger Gloves

Millions of people are having to tolerate the discomfort and anguish caused by the frequent reoccurrence of cold hands. If you are one of these people then you need to read the following. It could change your future!

What’s Causing Your Cold Hands?
Even though, common cold hand symptoms can be caused by numerous kinds of health problems, restricted or obstructed blood flow to the hands is the determining factor.

Everything from regular stress to a hyper reactive condition like Raynaud’s Syndrome can be what’s causing your hands to be cold. So you need to take positive step towards improving your circulation right down to the molecular level of your finger tips.

Yes, that’s right! If you improve the micro-circulation in your hands then you can restore and rejuvenate the little tiny blood vessels and capillaries that are disappearing because of lack of blood flow. If you don’t take action to restore circulation then you can loose these minute but important ducts all together.

Of course, there’s lots of steps you can take to improve the vascular condition of your hands. And I’m sure you're aware of most of them; like changing your diet, exercising more and even practicing relaxation techniques. It’s also suggested you avoid caffeine (I’m afraid this is impossible for me) because it constricts blood vessels.

Help Improve Your Micro-circulationDo you have cold hands? If so, this may be because of poor micro-circulation, especially if you are indoors and there's no reason for them to be cold. Healthy circulation at the molecular level is important in allowing maximum blood flow to reach your hands.

Prolotex™ far infrared therapy gloves offer you a safe, natural and cost effective way to help restore oxygen enriched blood flow right down to your finger tips. While you wear these incredibly soothing gloves, gentle far infrared rays penetrate deep within the skin and soft tissues of your hands and fingers. Helping to restore vital micro-circulation and deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients right down to your tiniest capillaries.

Are Your Cold Hands Causing You Major Grief & Embarrassment?
Guess what! You get stressed and your hands get cold. Sound strange? Maybe, but there is a scientific reason for this happening.

Cold hands can be a source of mental anguish as well as physical. In fact, it can become a extremely vicious cycle. Stressful circumstances can cause your hands to go cold. Let me explain…

We live in a stressful world. Everyday, our senses are challenged. Stressful situations stimulate our inherent fight or flight response. Also known as the sympathico-adrenal response, it triggers your sympathetic nervous system. This constant firing of sympathetics can predispose the body's muscles into a continuous state of contraction or increased tension. As the blood is shunted from the hands there is a reduced amount of nutrients and oxygen available to feed and rejuvenate the soft tissues in your hands. No wonder soreness develops!

So to help warm the hands, help prevent injury - wear Prolotex™ far infrared gloves as often as you like. The far infrared rays emitted and reflected from these nanotech gloves will help relieve the pain and regenerate the circulation in the restricted areas of your hands.

Cold Hands Restrict CirculationCold hands occur fast when blood vessels are constricted or obstructed. This is often due to increased connective tissue tension around the blood vessels, which restricts the passage of blood.

Poor circulation in the hands can be the result of many different occupations and ailments.

Here are just a few:

Coronary heart disease
Raynaud's disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
White finger
Repetitive stress syndrome
A side-effect of taking certain medication

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