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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ways to get those cold computer hands warm

from Therapy Gloves
Prolotex™ Full Finger Gloves

Millions of people are having to tolerate the discomfort and anguish caused by the frequent reoccurrence of cold hands. If you are one of these people then you need to read the following. It could change your future!

What’s Causing Your Cold Hands?
Even though, common cold hand symptoms can be caused by numerous kinds of health problems, restricted or obstructed blood flow to the hands is the determining factor.

Everything from regular stress to a hyper reactive condition like Raynaud’s Syndrome can be what’s causing your hands to be cold. So you need to take positive step towards improving your circulation right down to the molecular level of your finger tips.

Yes, that’s right! If you improve the micro-circulation in your hands then you can restore and rejuvenate the little tiny blood vessels and capillaries that are disappearing because of lack of blood flow. If you don’t take action to restore circulation then you can loose these minute but important ducts all together.

Of course, there’s lots of steps you can take to improve the vascular condition of your hands. And I’m sure you're aware of most of them; like changing your diet, exercising more and even practicing relaxation techniques. It’s also suggested you avoid caffeine (I’m afraid this is impossible for me) because it constricts blood vessels.

Help Improve Your Micro-circulationDo you have cold hands? If so, this may be because of poor micro-circulation, especially if you are indoors and there's no reason for them to be cold. Healthy circulation at the molecular level is important in allowing maximum blood flow to reach your hands.

Prolotex™ far infrared therapy gloves offer you a safe, natural and cost effective way to help restore oxygen enriched blood flow right down to your finger tips. While you wear these incredibly soothing gloves, gentle far infrared rays penetrate deep within the skin and soft tissues of your hands and fingers. Helping to restore vital micro-circulation and deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients right down to your tiniest capillaries.

Are Your Cold Hands Causing You Major Grief & Embarrassment?
Guess what! You get stressed and your hands get cold. Sound strange? Maybe, but there is a scientific reason for this happening.

Cold hands can be a source of mental anguish as well as physical. In fact, it can become a extremely vicious cycle. Stressful circumstances can cause your hands to go cold. Let me explain…

We live in a stressful world. Everyday, our senses are challenged. Stressful situations stimulate our inherent fight or flight response. Also known as the sympathico-adrenal response, it triggers your sympathetic nervous system. This constant firing of sympathetics can predispose the body's muscles into a continuous state of contraction or increased tension. As the blood is shunted from the hands there is a reduced amount of nutrients and oxygen available to feed and rejuvenate the soft tissues in your hands. No wonder soreness develops!

So to help warm the hands, help prevent injury - wear Prolotex™ far infrared gloves as often as you like. The far infrared rays emitted and reflected from these nanotech gloves will help relieve the pain and regenerate the circulation in the restricted areas of your hands.

Cold Hands Restrict CirculationCold hands occur fast when blood vessels are constricted or obstructed. This is often due to increased connective tissue tension around the blood vessels, which restricts the passage of blood.

Poor circulation in the hands can be the result of many different occupations and ailments.

Here are just a few:

Coronary heart disease
Raynaud's disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
White finger
Repetitive stress syndrome
A side-effect of taking certain medication

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer Earth Friendly's Mouse Hand Warmer is a green product. The Mouse Hand Warmer product is earth friendly and uses no electricity to keep your mouse hand warm. Unlike other USB computer accessories, the Mouse Hand Warmer insulates body heat under a warm, fleece blanket making the product energy-efficient at a time when energy is at a premium.

Keep your mouse hand covered in an air-conditioned office or when you sit under a ceiling fan. Lower your winter heating bill by staying warm while you work. Whether you work from home or at an office, the Mouse Hand Warmer computer mouse pad accessory will help reduce energy costs while keeping your hand covered by a warm blanket. If you suffer from a cold mouse hand, the Mouse Hand Warmer will provide a comfortable experiece for your mouse hand. The materials used include cotton and fleece and are hand washable and dryable.

The Mouse Hand Warmer looks attractive on your desk top with a modern techie design using neutral gray, black and white colors, and there are no wires or cords to get tangled on your desk because it is an energy-free hand warmer.

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Cold hands need warmth for Raynaud's Syndrome

Raynaud's causes cold hands and extremeties. Blood vessels constrict and poor circulation becomes painful. Infrared heat is soothing. We specialize in Heated Computer Gadgets. They're not just for the winter!

Ayurvedic Medicine and Naturopathy for Raynaud's Syndrome

Stimulate your circulation. Raynaud's is often anxiety-related, explains Efrem Korngold, O.M.D., L.Ac. "Anxiety leads to constriction in the body, including constriction of the blood vessels in the hands and feet."

To treat Raynaud's, Dr. Korngold often prescribes the herbs pseudoginseng root and sage root, and borneol crystals.

Apply pressure to relieve pain. In a study conducted in Germany, acupuncture helped 33 people with severe Raynaud's who received seven acupuncture treatments just as winter arrived.

If you prefer a self-care approach, try acupressure. Apply steady, penetrating finger pressure to each of the following points for 3 minutes.

Pericardium 6, located in the middle of your inner wrist, 2 1/2 finger-widths above the wrist crease (according to Dr. Korngold, this point is especially effective for Raynaud's that affects the hands)

Liver 3, situated on top of your foot in the webbing between your big toe and second toe (this point is beneficial for Raynaud's that affects the feet, Dr. Korngold says)

Ayurvedic Medicine

Rebalance your Vata. Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that Raynaud's is a Vata disorder, says Scott Gerson, M.D., founder of Ayurvedic Medicine of New York. The Vata dosha governs your circulatory system and regulates the constriction and dilation of your blood vessels.

To treat Raynaud's, Dr. Gerson prescribes a daily regimen of walking, hot baths, meditation, and whole-body massages with warm sesame oil (panchakarma). He also advocates a diet that emphasizes certain foods, such as cherries.


Turn up the heat. Sitting in a sauna or a tolerably hot bath can help ease your Raynaud's symptoms by increasing your blood circulation, Dr. Mitchell says. While you're in the sauna or bath, massage your hands for a few minutes as an additional way to help promote blood circulation.

Medical Measures

If your Raynaud's causes such intolerable pain that you consult a doctor, you may receive a prescription for drugs called vasodilators, which can open your blood vessels. About two-thirds of people with Raynaud's who take vasodilators report improvement in their symptoms. Like most pharmaceuticals, however, vasodilators may produce side effects.

Red Flags

Many common medications, including over-the-counter decongestants, can constrict your blood vessels. So if you're taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether it could aggravate your Raynaud's symptoms. If so, ask your doctor whether you could take a different drug that doesn't have this effect.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Design a Mouse Hand Warmer: Online Contest

The Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket pouch used to hold a warm mouse and warm mouse pad. Together the three items create an ultimate mouse hand environment. Click here to read all about the Mouse Hand Warmer.

This contest is Create Your Own Mouse Hand Warmer!

The winner receives one of each item listed here:

Instructions to Enter the Contest:
Design your Mouse Hand Warmer and save the file in .jpg, .gif or .bmp format. Attach it to an email and send the image to Webmaster(at) All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. March 1, 2009. The winner will be selected based upon originality, creativity, use-ability, and artistic talent. Check back here after March 1st to see the winner.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer Giveaway - Click Here to WIN!

Click and enter to win a FREE Mouse Hand Warmer by Everything Up Close is sponsoring a giveaway event. Here's what they said about the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket:

Do you find your hand always gets cold after being on the computer for an extended period of time? A company called IGM Products has come up with a solution to that very problem: The Mouse Hand Warmer! The Mouse Hand Warmer is essentially a blanket which is approximately the size of a mouse pad (~12” x 12”) that is made specifically for keeping your hand warm while on the computer. This “blanket” is made from warm polyester fleece, which is sure to keep your hand nice and toasty. The Mouse Hand Warmer is quite versatile and can be used with or without a mouse pad.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PRweb News Room: Mouse Hand Warmer

There's no doubt! The Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch creates the perfect mouse hand environment. We took a heated mouse pad and a heated mouse and placed it inside the mouse hand warmer blanket pouch. The soothing warmth and heat inside the blanket pouch is ideal. The warmth feels like crawling under the covers of an electric blanket on a cold winter's night. The Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch uses no electricity. It has no cords. The other two infrared heated computer devices by ValueRays are USB connected and fit perfectly inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket.
For more information about this trio of therapuetic warming computer products, visit

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer in PC Magazine

PC Magazine Online recently highlighted the Mouse Hand Warmer in their slideshow of nifty gadgets to keep you warm!

Here's the details of the article on

Cool Tech Gear for Keeping Warm
Survive the frigid winter temperatures with a pair of USB heating shoes, iPhone gloves, and more.

by Jennifer L. DeLeo

With the temperature dipping as low as 5 degrees here in New York City in the past week, we've witnessed folks walking a bit faster to work just to get indoors, wrapped up in scarves, bubble jackets, and trapper hats. The freezing cold isn't going away anytime soon, either. For 2009, the Farmers' Almanac is forecasting a "numbing winter, with below-average temperatures for at least two-thirds of the country." Oh, wonderful.

Since we can't make spring arrive any faster, we're just going to have to deal with the winter weather somehow. Luckily, technology can help. So bundle up and keep warm all winter with these handy tech accessories, including USB heating shoes, iPhone gloves, and a mouse hand warmer.

Here are some of the products featured in today's Cool Tech Gear for Keeping Warm slideshow:

DOTS iPhone Gloves
Now you can answer a phone call from your iPhone without taking off your gloves. The iPhone Gloves from DOTS contain two smooth "dots" on each hand so that you can operate your touch-screen smartphone easily through the gloves. Available in medium or large sizes, choose from Knit ($15) or Wool ($20).

Mouse Hand Warmer
It's hard to be productive at your computer when you've got cold hands. Your mouse hand will be warmer in no time with the Mouse Hand Warmer ($19.95): It's like a fleece blanket for your hand! All you do is slide a mouse pad through the pouch, put your hand inside, and you'll still be able to use your mouse while keeping your hand warm. When using a USB-powered mouse, there's a small slit in the pouch to slip the cord through. The Mouse Hand Warmer measures 12 by 12 inches and fits any size computer mouse.

Now check out the rest of the Cool Tech Gear for Keeping Warm slideshow, including USB Heating Shoes, Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heat 600, LimbGear Noggin Net, 12-Hour Heated Socks, Verseo Thermo Soles Rechargeable Heated Insoles, Martinson-Nicholls Toasty Toes Heated Footrest, Rossignol Hit Stretch Insulated Women's Ski Jacket, and Sanyo Eneloop Kairo Light Warmer.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

You wouldn’t like me when I'm angry

Oh, Dusty... Sore muscles, hand pain, shoulder tension..... Keep your mouse hand warm. Get yourself a warm mouse from

By Dusty Plunkett
The Times-Journal

Recently I went to the doctor and was pretty ecstatic to find out that I didn’t have the Mad Cow Disease in my right shoulder muscles. I seem to be afflicted with something slightly less devastating. One suggested treatment involves me starting to use my computer mouse left-handed.

Being a fan of following the doctor’s orders to better my well being, I decided to take on this challenge. The good news is I am beginning to develop somewhat ambidextrous computer skills.

The bad news is the extra stress from trying to go lefty-loosey on the mouse has caused my left eye to twitch pretty consistently for the past 72 hours. However, this didn’t raise as much concern as when I was prescribed a 6-day packet of steroid pills. On the one hand I want to get better, but on the other hand I don’t want to be named in the Mitchell Report and have to testify before Congress.

I’m just saying that even if steroids are used in small legally prescribed doses to help cure what ails you, it’s just not something you want to take lightly. Having said that, anytime you can take a medication where the side effects include breaking the home run record and winning the Tour de France, it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask whether or not they are available in quick-release gel caps.

Sure there might also be shortness of breath, but that’s just from running around the bases so many times after you hit all of those home runs. So it may cause redness and irritation of the eyes? Well yeah, your eyes would be red and irritated too if you had all of that wind hitting you in the face as you were pedaling your bicycle like a mad man up the Pyrenees Mountains.

Other than those minor setbacks I really haven’t had any complications from the steroid packet.

I mean, there was that one morning when I woke up in the middle of the desert with my clothes ripped to shreds Incredible Hulk style. I’ve also had minor episodes of blacking out for a few minutes, but it’s really not that big of a deal once I get my wits about me and clean up all of the furniture that someone has tossed around my room. It’s just – I’m sorry, I feel a dizzy spell coming on. Can you give me just a minute?

Is anyone else warm in here? I’m just starting to sweat a little bit.

Heart rate increasing – temperature rising – rage – taking over –

Must –

finish –

column –

before someone –

gets hurt –


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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mouse hand warmer celebrates April 2009 Occupational Therapy Month

Solve painful, cold mouse hand problems with infrared healing heated computer devices. Join the American Occupational Therapy Association's April 2009 celebration. Occupational Therapy Month month is right around the corner.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 31, 2009 – Occupational Therapy intervention is one of the most promising, results-oriented job-savers a person can experience within a lifetime. A healthy, healing intervention saves jobs, restores hope, a worker's self-confidence and self-esteem. This story is about the loss of hand movement, and the positive results of an OT intervention.

Losing the function of a hand can be devastating, especially when the hand is needed to work at the computer all day. Finding a new job is not easy and almost impossible in today's economic situation. Rehabilitating an injury is a lot of work. Of the two choices, we choose rehabilitation. The alternative of not holding a job isn't an option.

The loss of the use of a person's computer mouse hand due to arthritis and poor circulation can make everyday computer tasks painful and dreadful. The pain from a sick computer mouse hand causes the hand to cramp, freeze and fingers become numb. Pills aren't always the solution and aren't an attractive idea. The only relief is not working, and it is not a suggested option.

Most occupational interventions rely upon ingenuity and creativity. For our computer mouse hand injury, we relied upon a mouse hand warmer blanket pouch to hold the computer mouse and mouse pad. The blanket is made of fleece and covers the computer user's hand completely creating a warm house for the mouse and mouse pad. We inserted inside the mouse hand warmer blanket pouch an USB heated mouse and USB heated mouse pad to generate heat inside the blanket pouch housing.

The USB heated devices are designed with a carbon fiber. Carbon fiber generates infrared heat. Infrared heat is healing. The sun is an example of the natural source of infrared heat. The Eastern Medical profession has been using the healing effects of infrared heat for thousands of centuries. The Western world is starting to catch on to the healing effects of infrared heat through infrared saunas and now occupational computer devices.

It is documented proof by therapists and physicians worldwide, 20-30 minutes per day of infrared heat has healing effects on an injury, in this case, of the hand. I conducted a 4 week study using a mouse hand warmer blanket, an infrared heated mouse and infrared heated mouse pad with a person who suffers with arthritis and poor circulation of the computer mouse hand. After three weeks of 30 minutes of daily use, the right hand is healed. There's no cold, cramp, pain or discomfort in the person's right mouse hand.

The use of the hand for computer related work is not going to fade or go away soon. As a matter of fact, the occupational related hand injuries will increase based on the continued widespread computer use activity. The first computer mouse turned 40 years old in 2008, and introducing the healing effects of infrared heated computer mouse and mouse pad is being made in 2009. We've come a long way, and we have a long road ahead.

For more information about the healing effects of infrared heated computer devices visit To receive free samples of the products and to review the products for your OT needs, please visit and send an email using the Contact Us email function or write to Webmaster(at)

# # #

About Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket for your mouse hand. Many computer users who sit and work at the computer for long hours suffer with an exposed, cold mouse hand. The Mouse Hand Warmer products available at solve the cold mouse hand problem using healing infrared heat. If you are a hand therapist or in the field of OT, please contact us today for free samples or our healing products.

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