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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gadgets & Richness: Daily gadgets, computers, electronic news

from Gadgets Richness

Winter is coming, but no fret! Unlike all the previous years, this year you won’t have to struggle the cold in your hand while working in front of your computer — thanks to this new handy product called Mouse Hand Warmer. Created from a warm polymer fleece blanket material with a non-slip survice, Mouse Hand Warmer will keep your hand warm and comfortable. Simply slip a standard sized mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer and use your mouse inside the warmer. Neat, huh?

Mouse Hand Warmer is retailed for $14.95 - FREE SHIPPING & NO Sales Tax!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crawl under the covers with your favorite mouse

Photo Courtesy of
That cute little mouse we all love and adore is causing some painful cold fingers when the air is cool. We clutch the mouse for hours working at the computer and our fingers get numb from the cold. Our exposed mouse hand feels detatched from our body when it becomes this cold.
So, how do we keep the mouse hand covered? A mouse blanket sounds ideal! Crawl under the covers with your favorite little mouse!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Techie Diva podcast Mouse Hand Warmer the low tech way of keeping warm

Techie Diva is one of the coolest sites online! If you haven't surfed their site, you really need to click here. The Mouse Hand Warmer sound clip is available. It's so cool to hear the article originally posted by Coolest Gadgets.

Techie Diva is technology blog with an undeniable feminine twist. This doesn’t mean the opposite sex isn’t allowed, on the contrary, we love men who don’t mind partaking in our fun conversations which cover everything from emerging technology to the latest “it” gadget. Techie Diva got its start in January 2005, creating a tech haven for women of all ages who want to stay up to date with technology that matters to them. Sure we talk about fun gadgets, iPods, and cell phones until we’re blue in the face, but we also love writing about practical services or killer applications we spot online. Being the complex, intelligent women that we are, we’re not afraid to indulge in our guilty pleasures, and we certainly don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Having said that, Techie Diva merges the best of two worlds, technology and style. []

Gina Hughes is the Chief Editor and Founder of TechieDiva. She discovered her passion for technology Japan where she spent two years serving in the U.S. Marines. Her love for technology motivated her to explore a career in Web Design, and in the process developed a strong background in Online Marketing, Product Research and Graphic Design. Gina is also a Tech Advisor at Yahoo! Tech. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she is a Web Designer, and writes about digital technology.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The New Push News Wire: Mouse Hand Warmer Mouse Pad

Read about Science, Technology Internet News Headlines from on The New Push News Wire. Mouse Hand Warmer Mouse Pad Computer Industry's Newest Gadget! Click Here for more details.

About The New Push News Wire: We connect businesses to the Internet
TheNewPush does the following 3 things:

  1. We give decision-makers the background and resources needed to be more successful.
  2. We connect business to the Internet and help customers find you.
  3. We combine the right technologies for you to receive the highest return on investment.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

A New Super-Ergonomic Mouse!

By RattoNorvegese

Working with a computer mouse may result in physical discomfort. It is a form perspective that scientifica researcher, both fundamental and field research was instigated. This has resulted in the development of HandshoeMouse.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mouse Hand Warmer on

If you are looking for a unique gift this season for that hard-to-buy-fo computer geek, look no further. Here's the perfect gift for any computer user. It's called the Mouse Hand Warmer and it's available on

The Mouse Hand Warmer is soft, warm blanket fleece that works as a mousepad or uses a standard sized mouse and any computer mouse. It keeps your exposed mouse hand covered with a warm cozy blanket.

Click here for more details & FREE SHIPPING!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Oprah & Doctor Oz.... help us solve the cold mouse hand problem!

Searching for an answer to define the "cold mouse hand" syndrome, Oprah and Doctor Oz were sent an online letter. We haven't heard back from them, and if/when we do, you'll read about it here.

Here's what we wrote:

Many people may not be aware of a condition called "Cold Mouse Hand." It affects computer users who work using a computer mouse. It's not carpal tunnel and shouldn't be confused with other mouse hand medical conditions. I believe the "cold mouse hand" problem is a fairly new discovery.

I started using a computer in the early 90's, and I owned and operated an ecommerce site for over 12 years. My work required me to sit in front of a computer using the mouse. A/C offices, fans, drafts and chilly weather would cause my mouse hand to get so cold my finger tips would become numb. The only relief to the cold mouse hand was to stop working, and that was not an option. I tried pulling a sweater over my mouse hand and wear fingerless gloves to keep it warm and that didn't work. I bought computer gadgets that promised to keep the mouse hand warm, and they were either non-ergonomic, caused pain, or were too small.

In February 2007, after suffering from a cold mouse hand for many years, I decided to obtain a provisional patent for a "Mouse House Hand Warmer" to address and fix the problem. But, I was still too busy operating my business to do anything with the patent.

In May 2008, I sold my ecommerce site and decided to research the cold mouse hand problem to focus on a solution. I was surprised to discover the problem was experienced by many people.

In June 2008, I made a Mouse Hand Warmer using blanket fabric, tested the prototype, and it worked. The Mouse Hand Warmer was born! I don't suffer anymore from a cold mouse hand.

If Doctor Oz finds the mouse hand syndrome, not carpal tunnel, but the "cold mouse hand" problem, an interesting, new topic, please ask him to shed some light on this mysterious computer geeks' situation. If you look for little inventions to address new problems, I will participate by sharing the problem and the solution with your audience. I hope you find this story and it's solution unique and worthy of a discussion topic.

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