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Friday, September 12, 2008

Winters coming - keep your mouse hand warm

It's said cold hands are caused by poor circulation. Not always true. Talk to the computer geek in your family and he/she will confess, an exposed mouse hand gets cold. Working long hours sitting at a computer can cause your mouse hand to get cold and your fingers numb. This is not a joke, it's the truth!
There are a variety of computer geek gadgets on the market promising to keep your mouse hand warm, and believe me, we have tried them all! There's a warm mouse that's not ergonomic. It just makes your mouse hand sore. There's a USB warming mouse pad that overheats and there's not enough room inside to move your mouse hand around freely.
Before you spend money on a Mouse Hand Warmer consider the best item we've found. It's a cozy, fleece insulating blanket for your mouse hand. No electricity. No wires or cords to get tangled on your desk. The Mouse Hand Warmer is sold on, and at
See the photo above, and click here for more details.

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