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Friday, September 5, 2008

Resolved Question - Have you ever used a MOUSE HAND WARMER?

from Yahoo Answers by Dorothy

My mouse hand gets really cold, and I see there are lots of questions on Answers about a cold mouse hand. Has anyone tried using a Mouse Hand Warmer? It's not a warm mouse or warm pad. It's actually like a blanket for your mouse hand. Curious? I saw it on and at and there's been a lot of blogging about it. I think it would be good gadget to have on hand.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
I haven't used that one, but I tried the "warming mouse" and it is bad. The mouse is not ergonomic and makes my hand really sore within an hour. There's another USB warming mouse warmer in the shape of a blue fish. It's bad, too. Like a piece of junk made in China.

I think the one you found at is more practical, and the price is right with free shipping and no sales tax. That's a deal.

Check out the blogs listed below for more information about the product. Not sure I answered your question, but you may have found the answer to all the Yahoo Answers questions about a cold mouse hand. A blanket makes sense to me! Thanks!!!!

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