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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mouse Hand Warmer on Wikipedia

from Wikipedia

A mouse hand warmer is a computer gadget used to keep the mouse hand covered and warm. It is constructed of warm, soft, polyester, fleece blanket material and used to cover the exposed mouse hand. It is a computer accessory and can be used by computer users of all ages.

Under normal conditions, the computer user's mouse hand is exposed to air, drafts in air-conditioned rooms, or winter chilled temperatures. After hours of exposure and working at the computer a person's mouse hand can get cold and the finger tips get numb. A mouse hand warmer covers the mouse hand and keeps it warm.

A mouse hand warmer is energy-efficient and uses no electricity. The fleece blanket fabric acts as an insulator. Using heat generated by the body, the mouse hand stays warm inside a mouse hand warmer. When a person's mouse hand gets cold, the only relief is to stop working, and most of the time that's not an option. Using a mouse hand warmer allows a person to continue working by relieving the cold hand.

A mouse hand warmer is unique in that it is designed specifically for the mouse hand. It looks like a pouch or case in which a standard sized mouse pad and a person's favorite mouse fits inside. The average size of a mouse hand warmer is about 12" x 12" and has a non-slip surface to prevent movement of the mouse pad while working. The front of a mouse hand warmer is designed to accommodate an optical connected mouse or an USB connected mouse. A person using a mouse hand warmer has plenty of room inside to use the mouse keeping one's hand covered and warm.

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