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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Computer mouse hand pain caused by the cold

Hand pain associated with cold weather is a bothersome ordeal when work needs to get done. The computer mouse hand pain is associated with several different factors. Many people suffer from carpal tunnel conditions and others suffer from a cold mouse hand. The mouse hand syndrome is yet to be clearly defined by the medical experts. Some people say an exposed mouse hand causes something termed as "mouse hand." Others say it's poor circulation and the position of the arm and hand causing the limb to get cold.
Personally, my mouse hand gets cold when I work long hours sometimes into late hours of the night during the winter. At times, when the air conditioning is blowing a draft in my office, my mouse hand gets extremely cold.
There's a solution! Just like crawling inside bed and under the covers to keep warm, a mouse hand blanket covers the mouse hand keeping it warm. The mouse hand blanket relieves the cold and body heat is generated inside.
We wear gloves to keep our hands warm, and we slip our mouse hand inside a warm fleece blanket to keep it warm as we work. To read more about this amazing discover, Click Here.

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