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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Computer mouse hand pain caused by the cold

Hand pain associated with cold weather is a bothersome ordeal when work needs to get done. The computer mouse hand pain is associated with several different factors. Many people suffer from carpal tunnel conditions and others suffer from a cold mouse hand. The mouse hand syndrome is yet to be clearly defined by the medical experts. Some people say an exposed mouse hand causes something termed as "mouse hand." Others say it's poor circulation and the position of the arm and hand causing the limb to get cold.
Personally, my mouse hand gets cold when I work long hours sometimes into late hours of the night during the winter. At times, when the air conditioning is blowing a draft in my office, my mouse hand gets extremely cold.
There's a solution! Just like crawling inside bed and under the covers to keep warm, a mouse hand blanket covers the mouse hand keeping it warm. The mouse hand blanket relieves the cold and body heat is generated inside.
We wear gloves to keep our hands warm, and we slip our mouse hand inside a warm fleece blanket to keep it warm as we work. To read more about this amazing discover, Click Here.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A novel idea addresses cold mouse hand syndrome

Never have a cold mouse hand again!

News & Views - New Product Reviews:

Just released, a warm, cozy blanket for your mouse hand in a practical, modern design. There's nothing goofy looking or impractical about it. The Mouse Hand Warmer available at solves winter woes of cold mouse hand. Available online at several ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and with free shipping within the USA.

If you've ever sat and worked holding your computer mouse for many hours or into the midnight hours, you'll appreciate this little geek gadget. Click here for more details.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Office temperature - Does your hand get cold?

A cool office temperature is good for the equipment and may not be as good for you. If your hand gets cold working at the computer, slip your cold hand inside a Mouse Hand Warmer.

By Tim Bryce

One of the touchiest subjects in any office is the room temperature. This has probably touched off more arguments in the office than just about anything else. It may seem like a small thing but people tend to be passionate about the temperature.When it comes to controlling the thermostat, women typically like to turn it up, while men turn it down.

There are pros and cons to keeping the office cool or warm. If it is cool, people tend to be more alert but it may also affect the joints (as anyone with arthritis can tell you). Interestingly, certain office equipment, such as computers, operate better under cooler temperatures. On the other hand, a warm room on a cold winter day is welcomed by just about everyone, but if it becomes too warm, especially on a summer day, it can put people to sleep particularly after lunch. It can also cause people to slowly become irritable, impatient and irrational which isn't exactly conducive for a cooperative work environment.

If you leave the temperature to the employees to control, you'll probably hear the thermostat click up and down like a pogo stick which inevitably drives heating and air conditioning bills sky high. If you're an office manager, you would be wise to put a lock on the thermostat and hide the key. Whatever you do, don't turn the temperature over to the employees by a show of hands. I've seen this done and believe it or not has led to a division in the employees and hurt morale. As manager, you are responsible for controlling the work environment which includes the temperature of the room as well as other things, such as noise and cleanliness.

As for me, I'm of the school of keeping it "cool" as I would rather keep the employees more alert during the work day. If you've got a problem with it, they've got this new thing out to keep you warm: sweaters.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Winters coming - keep your mouse hand warm

It's said cold hands are caused by poor circulation. Not always true. Talk to the computer geek in your family and he/she will confess, an exposed mouse hand gets cold. Working long hours sitting at a computer can cause your mouse hand to get cold and your fingers numb. This is not a joke, it's the truth!
There are a variety of computer geek gadgets on the market promising to keep your mouse hand warm, and believe me, we have tried them all! There's a warm mouse that's not ergonomic. It just makes your mouse hand sore. There's a USB warming mouse pad that overheats and there's not enough room inside to move your mouse hand around freely.
Before you spend money on a Mouse Hand Warmer consider the best item we've found. It's a cozy, fleece insulating blanket for your mouse hand. No electricity. No wires or cords to get tangled on your desk. The Mouse Hand Warmer is sold on, and at
See the photo above, and click here for more details.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mouse Hand Warmer on Wikipedia

from Wikipedia

A mouse hand warmer is a computer gadget used to keep the mouse hand covered and warm. It is constructed of warm, soft, polyester, fleece blanket material and used to cover the exposed mouse hand. It is a computer accessory and can be used by computer users of all ages.

Under normal conditions, the computer user's mouse hand is exposed to air, drafts in air-conditioned rooms, or winter chilled temperatures. After hours of exposure and working at the computer a person's mouse hand can get cold and the finger tips get numb. A mouse hand warmer covers the mouse hand and keeps it warm.

A mouse hand warmer is energy-efficient and uses no electricity. The fleece blanket fabric acts as an insulator. Using heat generated by the body, the mouse hand stays warm inside a mouse hand warmer. When a person's mouse hand gets cold, the only relief is to stop working, and most of the time that's not an option. Using a mouse hand warmer allows a person to continue working by relieving the cold hand.

A mouse hand warmer is unique in that it is designed specifically for the mouse hand. It looks like a pouch or case in which a standard sized mouse pad and a person's favorite mouse fits inside. The average size of a mouse hand warmer is about 12" x 12" and has a non-slip surface to prevent movement of the mouse pad while working. The front of a mouse hand warmer is designed to accommodate an optical connected mouse or an USB connected mouse. A person using a mouse hand warmer has plenty of room inside to use the mouse keeping one's hand covered and warm.

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Mouse Hand Warmer - Listmania!

from Amazon Listmania!

A Listmania! list by Mouse Hand Warmer "Computer Gadgets" (California). Share this with all your Computer Geek Friends!

The list author says:

"My mouse hand used to get really cold when I'd sit and work long hours at the computer. Now, I keep my mouse hand covered with a warm blanket. You can get the Mouse Hand Warmer on Amazon!"

1. Mouse Hand Warmer by Mouse Hand Warmer
The list author says:

"Uses NO ELECTRICITY. Keeps your mouse hand covered by a warm blanket. Constructed of a warm polyester fleece blanket material with a non-slip surface. Fits standard mouse pads and mouse. Hand wash and air dry."

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Resolved Question - Have you ever used a MOUSE HAND WARMER?

from Yahoo Answers by Dorothy

My mouse hand gets really cold, and I see there are lots of questions on Answers about a cold mouse hand. Has anyone tried using a Mouse Hand Warmer? It's not a warm mouse or warm pad. It's actually like a blanket for your mouse hand. Curious? I saw it on and at and there's been a lot of blogging about it. I think it would be good gadget to have on hand.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
I haven't used that one, but I tried the "warming mouse" and it is bad. The mouse is not ergonomic and makes my hand really sore within an hour. There's another USB warming mouse warmer in the shape of a blue fish. It's bad, too. Like a piece of junk made in China.

I think the one you found at is more practical, and the price is right with free shipping and no sales tax. That's a deal.

Check out the blogs listed below for more information about the product. Not sure I answered your question, but you may have found the answer to all the Yahoo Answers questions about a cold mouse hand. A blanket makes sense to me! Thanks!!!!

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Mouse Hand Warmer

from Amazon Amapedia

The Mouse Hand Warmer is new, and there’s nothing like it on the market. It’s $19.95 price includes Free USA Domestic Ground Shipping & Sales Tax! It’s the perfect gift idea for computer users. A new Geek Gadget just in time for the holidays!

Keeps your
mouse hand covered by a warm blanket. Constructed of a warm polyester fleece blanket material with a non-slip surface. Fits standard mouse pads. Hand wash and air dry.

Instructions: Slip a standard sized mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer. If using a wireless mouse, the net front provides a clear optical connection. When using an USB connected mouse, slip the cord through a small slit opening made in the center front net. Easy to keep clean by hand washing with a mild detergent and air drying.

Mouse Hand Warmer is hand made in the USA. It’s energy-effecient and uses NO electricity. Heat is generated from your body and insulated inside a warm, cozy fleece blanket pouch.

Mouse Hand Warmer is an inexpensive way to keep your mouse hand warm during chilly weather or whenever you feel your mouse hand getting cold. A drafty air-conditioned office makes for an uncomfortable exposed hand if you sit and work all day at the computer. During the winter, a draft or drop in temperature makes your mouse hand cold, too. Sometimes fingers get numb due to the cold air. Keep your mouse hand warm inside a cozy blanket.

The idea for a Mouse Hand Warmer came about after spending many years working long, late hours sitting at a computer. When your mouse hand gets cold there’s really nothing you can do to warm it except stop working or cover it with a warm blanket. That’s why the Mouse Hand Warmer was created.

No wires or cords to get tangled on your desk top. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a contemporary, modern, techie-looking desk accessory in neutral colors of gray fleece with black and white trim. The pouch measures about 12" x 12" with a wide front opening to get your hand into and out of the Mouse Hand Warmer with ease. Fits most mouse sizes, from a standard small mouse to a large ergonomically shaped mouse.

Mouse Hand Warmer is a registered trademark and patented product made in the USA by, Inc.

For more information, please contact the seller directly through by searching Mouse Hand Warmer. Thank you.

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