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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Laugh! A Mouse Hand Gets Cold

Don't laugh! Mice hands get cold. That's a fact. And, the motivation behind a new invention called the Mouse Hand Warmer. It's a blanket pouch to hold your favorite mouse pad and your favorite mouse. It keeps your mouse hand covered with a warm, fleece blanket so the hand is not exposed to cold drafts or chills.
See the photo above. The Mouse Hand Warmer looks neat on a desk top. It's sleek and modern in design. The gray, black and white color combination is neutral. The size is about 12" x 12" and has a non-slip surface to keep the hand warmer in place on the desk top.

Any standard sized mouse pad fits inside the Mouse Hand Warmer with plenty of space remaining for a mouse and your hand.

A large ergonomic mouse is being used as shown in the above photo. The model has a medium-sized hand. The overall size of the mouse hand warmer is about 12" x 12."

The large ergonomic shaped mouse and the standard mouse pad fit neatly inside the Mouse Hand Warmer as shown above. Notice the large front opening. The large front opening of the hand warmer makes it easy to get your hand inside or out quickly. We tested the usability, and it works perfect!

Once your favorite mouse pad and mouse is inside the Mouse Hand Warmer, you're ready to work and keep your mouse hand warm. Wear a long sleeved sweater to keep your entire arm covered from chills and drafts.

The above photo illustrates the use of the hand warmer without a mouse pad. This is another added feature of the Mouse Hand Warmer item. The white non-slip bottom shown above has a smooth, flat, surface facing the interior of the hand warmer. It's slick enough for mouse movement. So, if you prefer to keep your hand warm without the use of a mouse pad, that's your choice.

Also, notice the mouse being used in the photos is a wireless mouse. There's a net window in the front of the Mouse Hand Warmer for the optical connection. If you use an USB connected mouse, make a small slit in the front net to slip the cord. Either way, USB or wireless, the mouse hand warmer works like a charm. It's like having a cozy, warm house for your mouse!

For more information, to become a distributor or to contact the manufacturer, please click here.

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