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Friday, July 11, 2008

Birth of the Mouse Hand Warmer

A new product. A solution to a cold mouse hand. The MOUSE HAND WARMER.
We think of the Mouse Hand Warmer as a Mouse House! It's a warm, snuggly place to keep your mouse and your hand protecting it from the cold. We're introducing the Mouse House Hand Warmer to the World!

I spent over 12 years sitting in front of a computer working long hours, sometimes up to 16 hours per day running an ecommerce website. Over the years, many hours were spent late at night, after dark in the cold. Well, not excrusiating cold, just chilly winter hours working alone at the computer. Southern California evenings get chilly, and most of the homes are not insulated for cold winters, so even with the heat cranked up, the still air sitting at the computer created a chill.

Winter clothes are designed to keep the body warm, but the sleeves of a cozy cashmere sweater stop at the wrist. I found myself pulling the sleeve over my mouse hand. Then, my finger tips got so very cold they became numb. There was no solution in sight. I checked the stores and the availability of a product to solve my problem. Nothing was available!

Then, I started observing my employees working. The women pulled their sweater sleeves over their mouse hand. One of the women said, "Feel my hand. It's freezing!" The cold mouse hand was not due to my old age or poor circulation! This was a real problem.

Well, this is the beginning of something new.

Check back here often. We'll be posting images of the Mouse Hand Warmer and places to purchase one of your own. This is a great gift idea and will be available for this holiday shopping season.

We're excited to say the least. It's truly a new invention, it's patented and has it's official trademark. If you want to be put on our email list, please send your email address and questions to Service (at)

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